Saab Clarion Audio System

An overview of the factory mounted stereos in classic Saab 900 (MY84-94) and Saab 9000 (MY86-94) for the US-market


I entered the wrong code in my Saab Clarion stereo and now i cannot use
my stereo. What should i do?

Dont worry! Follow the steps in the manual or on the backside of the card that was delievered
with the car when it was new. If you dont have it, have a look here:

1) Turn on the ignition
2) Depress the (red) Power switch once. 3) Depress the DNR switch and keep it depressed
throughout the key-in procedure
4) Key in your code numbers using the station preset keys (1-6).
After last digit is entered, release DNR switch and unit will operate.

If you make a mistake with the code, simply release the DNR-switch, depress it again
and enter the correct code.

Radio Card Front MY92 Radio Card Back MY92
The text says:
1) Turn on the ignition
2) Turn on the radio
3) Key in your code numbers using the Station Preset keys (1-6). The unit will operate.

If you make a mistake while entering your code, press and hold the BAND switch, until
CODE reappears on the display. Then enter the correct code.

I lost my code to my Saab Clarion stereo, can this site help me?

Unfortunately not, you have to contact a SAAB dealer in order to regain your lost code. Sorry!

I imported these awesome stereos to Europe, how can i switch to
European frequencies on the radio?

This was only possible on MY90-91 on Generation2 and all Generation3 (MY92-94) out of the box.
Check the Manuals for more info!

For the earlier versions there is a modification that can be made, see Convert to EU Frequencies

Can i mix the headunits and equalizers? I want use MYxx headunit with
my Equalizer MYyy, does it work?

Unfortunatly no, the generations are very different when it comes to the allocation of signals in
the DIN-cables, location of amplifier etc. Only combine units/accessories within the right