Saab Clarion Audio System

An overview of the factory mounted stereos in classic Saab 900 (MY84-94) and Saab 9000 (MY86-94) for the US-market

Components MY86-87

In MY86/87 there was a low-end radio for the basic 900/9000 without any possibility to install
equalizer. S/Turbo had the high specification radio unit and all turbos had the equalizer/spectrum
analyzer. The headunit is a little different between MY86 and MY87, in MY86 the unit is all black
with white text on the buttons and in MY87 the powerbutton is red and the upper row of buttons
has a green line in the bottom of the buttons, see pictures below. Other than the physical
apperance im unaware of any functional differences and the equalizer is the same for both years.

Headunit MY86 - S/Turbo

Radio Headunit MY86 S/Turbo

Headunit MY87 - S/Turbo

Radio Headunit MY87 S/Turbo

Carrying bag
Very useful for transporting your Saab Clarion system safe and secure
Radio Carrying Bag Radio Carrying Bag

Saab-Clarion AM/FM Stereo ETR and Cassette

Radio Headunit MY86-87 900/9000

Equalizer - Turbo (optional on 900S/9000S)

Equalizer MY86-87

Amplifier - Located behind Equalizer or Storage box

Amplifier MY86-87 Amplifier Position MY86-87
Amplifier Position MY86-87