Saab Clarion Audio System

An overview of the factory mounted stereos in classic Saab 900 (MY84-94) and Saab 9000 (MY86-94) for the US-market

Components MY88-91

In MY88 there was a low-end radio for the basic 900 without any possibility to install equalizer
or cd-player (looks the same as MY86-87, but different partnumbers). S/Turbo had the high
specification radio unit and all turbos had the equalizer, CD-player was optional. In MY89
the low-end radio was replaced with a simplifed version of the high-end and installed in 900/
900S/9000S. This radio were able to connect with equalizer/cd-player but they were both optional.

See Broschure MY1989 for more pictures and detailed information on the headunits.

Headunit (900Turbo/9000Turbo + 900S MY88)

Radio Headunit MY88-91 900T

Headunit (900/900S/9000S MY89-91)

Radio Headunit MY88-91 900S

Headunit (900 MY88) - Low End, not compatible with equalizer or CD-player

Radio Headunit MY88-91 900


Equalizer MY88-91

Extension cable, Headunit to CD/EQ (900 Only)
Partnumber 95 28 217, note the extra white-connector for ground cables. Also possible to use
the MY92-94 12-pin DIN-cable (Yellow) and extend the two ground cables yourself.
Extension Cable Extension Cable

Optional Three Component Stereo (9000 Only)
Limited to 9000 only due to lack of space in the 900 to put three units, but some people have
done it anyway, check out here
Y-Cable Y-Cable_2

CD-player MY88-89
Uses Cartridges

CD-Player MY88-89
Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge

CD-player MY90-91
Slot-in version

CD-Player MY90-91