Saab Clarion Audio System

An overview of the factory mounted stereos in classic Saab 900 (MY84-94) and Saab 9000 (MY86-94) for the US-market.

Components MY84-85

Turbo/S Headunit
Custom designed for Saab by Clarion, an acknowledged master. A full-feature, electronically
tuned reciever (ETR) with Dolby noise reduction, auto-reverse cassette, automatic programming
sensor (APS) and more.

See Broschure MY1985 for more pictures and detailed information on the Turbo/S headunit.

Radio Headunit MY84-85

Seven bands, perfectly mated with your Saab ETR headunit to shape a sound thats right for you with
fine-tuning of the front and rear channels.

Schematics MY86-87
Schematics MY86-87 Schematics MY86-87 Schematics MY86-87

Aftermarket Clarion radios for Saab

Saab AM/FM Cassette
Mechanically tuned AM/FM stereo radio with auto-reverse cassette player, noise reduction system,
automatic program sensor (APS), and integrated 4-channel amplifier.

Headunit AM/FM Cassette

Basic AM/FM mechanically tuned radio with five pre-set pushbuttons and 4-speaker output. Headunit AM/FM