Saab Clarion Audio System

An overview of the factory mounted stereos in classic Saab 900 (MY84-94) and Saab 9000 (MY86-94) for the US-market

Components MY92-94

Headunit (900Turbo/9000Turbo)

Radio Headunit MY92-95 High

Headunit (900/900S/9000S)

Radio Headunit MY92-95 Low


Equalizer MY92-95


Equalizer/CD-Player MY92-95


CD-changer MY92-95
CD-changer MY92-95

Needed when no EQ or CD/EQ is connected to the headunit. Schematics also available.

JumperCap MY92-94

Rear amplifer
The amplifier has a three position switch to change which vehicle type its mounted in.

Rear Amplifier MY92-95